Lifetime Portrait Program

As a member of our Lifetime Portrait Program (LPP) you can schedule a portrait session with ND Photography any time (as many times as you want) for the rest of your life (or ours) and will never have to pay a session fee, which usually range from $50-$350.  There is no minimum purchase required unless the session location is scheduled outside of the studio’s 45 mile radius.


    • You will have the opportunity to visually document your family’s relationships with each other.
    • You will have no regrets so many have had when they realize the important “growing up” years have quietly slipped away and there are few or no portraits to reflect their family history.
    • You will be providing a tangible legacy for your children and your children’s children as each new generation finds themselves in the faces of the past.
    • You will be investing in art that not only has financial value, but more importantly, has personal value.
    • Covers a family of up to 4 including parents.
    • Save 25% on every print and product order.
An exclusive program designed to capture your child as they move through every stage of their life.

The following is an example of how much a typical family of four can save in just one year of membership.

Session Fee LPP
Child #1 Portrait $150 $0
Child #2 Portrait $150 $0
Child #1 Birthday Portrait $150 $0
Child #2 Birthday Portrait $150 $0
Halloween Portraits $150 $0
Holiday Family Portrait $225 $0
School Portraits $150 $0
Business Headshot for Parent $150 $0


First Year of Membership $1275 Total Savings